Oceanic Container Line - Disgrace, cheat,liars. Beware !!! Of CONTAINER OCEAnN LINE AnD AMERICAN AUTO MARINE

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I shipped a farm tractor with a broker American auto marine in September 2012 and was told it would take 20 days to get to the destination ( Kingston Jamaica) . I overpaid $ 500 to American auto marine and upon request I was slapped with additional charge of approximately $800. The business relationship became sour and my tractor was delayed as I refused to pay the additional fees. I was told the vehicle was weighed and exceed the initial weight, within 2 hours the dispute was settled and the money was paid in full. American auto marine was inform immediately of the payment I also confirm this to them. I was later told that my vehicle was delayed because of the dispute we had though the dispute was settled and payment made in full on the same day.

I have been in contact with American auto marine and the freight liner namely: container ocean line Inc almost every week by telephone and emails and have given several dates for the arrival of my shipment (farm tractor). I have paid several hundred dollars in travelling cost to Jamaica to collect this shipment which did not arrived . I have paid hundred of dollars on government required documents in anticipation of this shipment which have now been expired. The last promised date was December 31st 2012 .

On the 2nd of January 2013 I made several call to Container Ocean Line Inc and was told they do not know where the tractor is and that the matter was passed on to someone higher.

I have lost nearly US$ 12000.00 plus the cost of this vehicle and other expenses as a result of their negligence. Also the name of the agent at American auto marine is as follows: I have been lied to over and over again I have been give several date for the arrival of this vehicle . I was told the keys was lost . I spoke to the manager he said I will get the vehicle in a couple of weeks but cannot give a date . Their customer service is so poor when they don't know what to say to you they put you on hold forever. Please guys be careful don't fall in their trap . My vehicle is 6 months older since I bought it. I don't know when or if I ever will received this vehicle . I am now planning to travel to America to file a law suit against them . The name and companies are as follows:

Shipping agent

American Auto Marine www.usautomarine.com Direct : 561-305-8931 Toll-Free : 1-888-208-2545 ext 301 Tel : 561-948-4048 Fax :1-866-631-4947 Skype : SYCN.SYCN

Shipping company

Cartainer Ocean Line, Inc. 975 East Linden Avenue Linden, N.J. 07036 Website: www.shippingmycar.com Toll-Free: (800) 227-8096 Tel: (908) 862-2262 x 130 / Fax: (908) 862-2848


Orillia, Ontario, Canada #630520

I purchased a 2007 Seadoo and Trailer from American Auto Marine in June of 2012.To this date, ( March 30 2013), I still do not have my SeaDoo, Trailer, or my money.

I have been scammed! Michelle Liu, and George Auckland,( Directors of the Company), have done nothing but cheat me out of my hard earned money! I have a signed Bill Of Sale from American Auto Marine for my purchase, for anyone to see, if necessary. Stay away from these people.

Masters of deception. Google their address, 6830 Jardin Pl, Boca Raton, Florida 33433.

It's Michelle's house!Shameful behavior.

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